Above and Beyond NB LLC

Above and Beyond is a precision medicine company dedicated to discovering and translating new therapies for nervous system diseases at an accelerated pace. It manages a portfolio of programs nationally to provide the support needed to bring innovative and personalized treatment to high net worth patients. Its precision medicine program enables new target discovery for individual patients through genetic screening and stem-cells approaches. It has the competencies, expertise, and personnel to complete full translational development of new therapies to clinical trials.

For each patient, Above and Beyond recruits a scientific advisory board (SAB) of field experts. The SAB determines if options exist for the patient, outside the standard of care, then executes four major deliverables:

- Personalized diagnostics (clinical re-evaluation, cutting-edge genetic screening, biomarker assays, generation of the patient’s stem cells for diagnostic and therapeutic screening).

- Disease management (refinement of FDA-approved drug combinations, improvement of clinical care).

- Unprecedented therapies (FDA-approved drug repurposing, tailored gene therapies, access to investigational drugs, accelerated translational development of promising preclinical therapies).

- Cutting-edge neural augmentation to compensate for deficits (brain-computer interface, exoskeleton, restorative approaches).



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